Illustrated talks for WI, Probus, Rotary, Mother's Union, U3A, and other clubs and societies.

The following entertaining and informative illustrated talks are available - perfect for WI, Probus, Rotary, Mother's Union, U3A, and many other clubs and societies.  They can also be delivered in a lovely Chester city centre location (groups up to 48 people - please ask for more details)

Chester Ghost


1. Chester's ghosts - the inside story.  An insight into strange and inexplicable goings-on around the city, based upon my extensive experience of conducting ghost tours.  Expect the unexpected!



2. The Miller's Tale: the history of flour milling, with particular reference to the beautiful Stretton Watermill near Chester. Stretton Watermill


3. The industrious Chester Canal: a look at the industrial side of Chester, and how the canal developed - against huge odds -  to bring industry to the city.



4. The Rows of Chester: how the The Rows of Chesterworld-famous and unique Rows of Chester were created.


5. It's a Guide's life: A miscellany of amusing anecdotes based upon my experiences over fifteen years as a tourist guide.


6. British Columbia the easy way: a virtual journey to some of the most beautiful parts of Canada, accompanied by breathtaking images, hints and tips.


Chester Zoo7. Chester Zoo: its origins, its vital work in plant and animal conservation, and a 'behind the scenes', sometimes very amusing view of my work doing guided tours of the Zoo over the past few years.  Did you know that elephants walk on tip-toe?  Find out much more about elephants - and other fascinating inhabitants of this World-class Zoo, in my illustrated talk.


8.  A Different Perspective: views of Chester and its Cathedral that you may never have experienced before.  Different, and fascinating!

9, The Walls of Chester:  see parts of the Walls structure that have lain hidden for 1,800 years, and discover a wealth of details about the evolution of the most complete circuit of Medieval (and older) town or city wall in Great Britain.


Each of the above talks lasts for approximately 45 minutes and is accompanied by good quality digital photos.  I will provide a quality projector (and large screen and PA system if required).