Terms and conditions 

1. Fees, reservations and deposits

1.1 VAT does not apply to tour fees.

1.2 Initial reservations can be made by phone or email.

1.3 Following the initial reservation a deposit of 50% of the tour fee (unless otherwise agreed) is required to fully reserve tour.

1.4 The balance of the fee is payable at the commencement of the tour.

1.5 Cheques should be made payable to T. Jones

2. Cancellation by client

2.1 Cancellations may be by phone, in writing, or by email.

2.2 Where a cancellation is received more than 14 days before commencement of the tour a full refund of any deposit will be made.

2.3 Where a cancellation is received less than 15 days before commencement of the tour, every effort will be made to re-sell the tour. If the tour is successfully resold a refund of deposits will be made, less any resulting advertising costs.

2.4 Refunds will only be made after the start date of the tour.

3. Cancellation or modification of tour by chesterguidedtours

3.1 Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that tours actually run, chesterguidedtours reserves the right to modify the content of the tour when conditions are likely to be dangerous or unsuitable.

3.2 When such a modification is not possible, chesterguidedtours will notify the client of cancellation as soon as practicable.

3.3 In the event of cancellation, clients will be offered the choice of (a) a full refund of fees paid or (b) another tour on a different date. 

3.4  chesterguidedtours is not responsible for any travel or accommodation costs incurred.

4. Health, fitness and equipment issues

4.1 Clients should be aware that walking tours will involve gentle to moderate walking in urban street conditions, in varying weather.  Each client should satisfy him/herself that he/she is sufficiently fit, and in possession of the appropriate clothes and equipment.